WiFi Transformer 22

WiFi Transformer (22-30)
Protect Yourself From
Wireless Internet

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Especially designed for wireless network radiation protection. WiFi Transformer 22-30 is suitable for smaller offices and home use.


transformer 22-30

Now For $197


Wireless networking in the office and home has become a secret drain on performance by increasing stress with with an electro-magnetic energy envelope. Ever feel the energy of a wireless laptop that sits directly on your lap? I don’t recommend it.

Being in an office that has wireless routers which connect large numbers of computers online exposes you to the same type of energy that laptop drains from your legs – but more long term and immune system draining. Background radiation from wireless technology is sure to emerge as a contributing factor to ill health considering even just the number of lawsuits that have been stalled in the court system.

Fortunately there’s a Green 8 product – the WiFi Transformer 22 which is specifically for the energy of Wireless Routers. They work on all wireless LAN types. Install a Transformer 22 adjacent to your router in a permanent spot taped down on a shelf. It will harmonically entrain the microwave radiation from the wireless transmission of the router. It’s still a good idea to put a medium green 8 on smaller wireless devices but a Transformer 22 creates a 30 meter diameter protected zone. German scalar technology proven for years to not lose effectiveness with use.

These are designed just for a single wireless LAN router. If you have more than one in your office the larger wireless transformer is for you.

Now For $197

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