Why Mobile Phone Protection?

The Imporance of Mobile Phone Protection

iphone_5_glassCell phones are a wonderful thing or so it may seem. A device of this type allows the user to stay connected with others no matter where they are. What are the drawbacks of using a mobile device of this type though? According to researchers, cell phones may lead to increased brain activity, reduced motility and vitality of sperm, an increased risk of brain cancer and more. Even Dr. Oz, a popular television personality, has warned of the risk of using cell phones. Due to the increased risk of many medical conditions associated with cell phone use, mobile phone protection must be taken seriously.

Increased Brain Activity

brain-activityA recent government funded study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reviewed the effects of cell phone use on brain cells and found that activity in these brain cells increases after just 50 minutes of phone use. This is due to the radiation emitted by the phone and was only an issue when the phone was turned on. Electromagnetic radiation from the phones affected glucose metabolism which in turn activated the cells. What this means is that the cells are making use of this glucose to create energy. Researchers at this time don’t know if this will have a negative effect on health, but feel further studies need to be conducted to learn more. This is of great significance as the overall health of cell phone users varies significantly from person to person. The big question is how each will be affected, especially children making use of these devices.

The Affect of Mobile Devices on Sperm

spermJohn Aitken, director of the Australian Research Council’s Center of Excellence in Biotechnology and Development, found that the motility and vitality of human sperm is reduced when the sperm is exposed to cell phone radiation over a sixteen hour period. Both vitality and motility play a role in fertility. Mr. Aitken is the same scientist who found that RF radiation could result in DNA damage. His research is consistent with that of researchers at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio which reported decreased sperm motility and viability when a mobile device is kept in the pocket of a male.

Tumor Development

The Supreme Court of Italy, in 2012, granted worker’s compensation to a man who developed a tumor after years of cell phone use. Innocente Macolini used his device for approximately five or six hours a day over a 12 year period. At the age of 50, he was diagnosed with a benign tumor on the nerve responsible for controlling facial sensations and muscles. Although his claim for workers’ compensation was originally denied, an Appeals Court reversed the original court’s decision and then the Supreme Court upheld the Appeals Court ruling. This ruling was based on information obtained from the International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety which feels there are large uncertainties in the area of cell phone use and long-term effects on health. They base this information on a study conducted by Lennart Hardell which showed RF radiation is a possible human carcinogen.

Other studies have shown a link between tumor development and cell phone use. At the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Maria Feychting and Stefan Lonn conducted a study showing an association between tumor development and long-term mobile device use. Another study conducted in five northern European countries showed similar results as did a study done in Japan.

The World Health Organization has also looked into cell phone cancer. According to leaders Elisabeth Cardis and Siegal Sadetzki, this could become an important health issue over the coming years. They believe that, until scientists come to a definitive conclusion on this issue, cell phone precautions should be used, especially by children who are most at risk of problems.

younggirlcellphone_cutout copy copyChildren and Cell Phone Use

When it comes to children, cell phone protection is of great importance in more ways than one. The International Agency for Research on Cancer found that, when it comes to children, the RF energy deposition is ten times higher in skull bone marrow of children and two times higher in the brain, as compared to adults making use of cell phones. Pregnant women should never carry their phone near the body either as it could affect the unborn child. A study done by Hugh S. Taylor, MD PhD, Chair of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences at Yale, along with John Pr. Wargo, PhD. Chair of the Yale Environmental Studies program, found that mice, when exposed in the womb to cell phone radiation, showed signs of significant damage in the areas of brain structure and function along with behavioral problems. Children exposed to cell phone while in the womb may suffer from behavioral disorders also.

Mobile Phone Protection-What You Can Do

question-mark copyTo ensure users are protected as much as possible from harmful health effects of cell phone use, it is recommended that speakerphones be used or a wired earpiece rather than holding the phone up to the ear. Text messaging reduces cell phone radiation exposure and some believe the same is true of hands-free kits. Men shouldn’t leave phones in a pants pocket and children should have limited exposure to cell phones, frankly young children should be kept away from cell phones altogether.
The FCC hasn’t updated their regulations concerning cell phone-safety in quite some time and radiation-limit rules haven’t been updated in 15 years. This needs to be rectified as children are making more use of these devices and it needs to be understood how they are affected. Although there is still disagreement about the health risk of mobile devices, there is no need to take chances. Mobile phone protection should be used at all times until it is clearly determined what the risk is of using devices of this type.

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