Green 8 Car Harmonizer 23 Satellite Transformer


Green 8 Car Transformer (formerly Transformer 23)

Especially designed for protection in vehicles and GPS Satellite radiation protection. Install it under the floor mat.

transformer 23

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Green 8 Cell Phone protector


GPS navigation devices have become smaller for easy transport with you but did you know inside an automobile (which creates a faraday cage holding inside of the vehicle a significant part of the transmitted microwave signal.

In other words the energy gets trapped in the vehicle.

In the early days of GPS systems cab drivers complained of potentially wireless related symptoms (fatigue especially). Fortunately there is a Green 8 product specific to the radiation signature of the Satellite GPS wireless signal to help alleviate electro-smog symptoms.

Install a Transformer 23 under the floor mat of vehicle or in your pocket if you carry your GPS system outside the vehicle.

The Green 8 Car Harmonizer 23 is a round, energized chip with a diameter of 88 mm and a gold-bronze “8”
inscribed on the top of the chip. The Green 8 Car Harmonizer 23 is ionized and carries a very specific burned-in
energy signature. Its innovative technology offers lasting protection against all kinds of

One Green 8 Car Harmonizer 23 creates a neutralized field in a radius of up to 6 meters. Adding additional Green 8 Car Harmonizer
23s can expand the radius. Each additional Green 8 Car Harmonizer 23 lengthens the field or “protected zone” 6
meters more. All biological systems will be protected if they are in the field of the Green 8 Car Harmonizer 23. The
energetic field around the body will increase also if carried or worn on the person, or one is in
the neutralized field of the Green 8 Car Harmonizer.


Satellites are using varied radiation frequencies that are transmitting data for GPS, Global
Positioning Systems, for wireless communication – like GSM for TV, cellular phones, and many
other technologies. This radiation passes through our complete environment – including our
food, bodies, animals – especially using cellular phones or GPS navigation systems in cars,

planes, trucks, trains, boats, or handheld. Technology is nearly unavoidable as it seems to have
crept into almost every facet of life and unfortunately its side effects are dramatically
threatening the health of life.

Satellite radiation protection

How many Green 8 Car Harmonizer 23s are necessary for total protection:

  • Humans 1
  • Car 1
  • Boat – Med & Lg 2-4
  • Airplane 4<
  • Bus 2
  • Truck 2

How to use your Green 8 Car Harmonizer 23:

The installation of the Green 8 Car Harmonizer 23 is very simple. Just place under the doormat, under or on the
seats of cars, airplanes, boats, buses, trucks…

More than one Green 8 Car Harmonizer 23 installed together at the same place will expand the radius of the
“protected zone”.


  • Prevents destruction of cells caused by radiation
  • Increases energy – decreases fatigue
  • Amplifies energy field
  • Neutralizes corresponding gases and pollutants caused by radiation

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For $167

Green 8 Cell Phone protector

Will we be shipping your PST 23 Satellite Energy Transformer to a US Address?

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*No for International Address

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