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Here’s some of the common questions (and our answers) we get all the time about the Green 8 Evolutionand about cell phone protection in general. If your question isn’t answered please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Q: How long will the Green 8 Evolution Gold last?

A: The latest “smartphone” technology involves a much more complex wireless signal than any previous technology and with that comes an embedded energetic signature in the Green 8 Evolution Gold to neutralize the complex compression. This arguably makes the Green 8 Evolution Gold product superior to other protection technology. This embedded energetic signature (which is only part of the working mechanism of the Green 8) lasts for 18-24 months. After this time-frame the product will lose 50% of its effectiveness when used with a smartphone. On an older phone it will still offer sufficient protection but it should be replaced in the smartphone.

Q: I’ve heard that cordless phones are worse than mobile phone as far as the radiation goes. Is this true? Please explain.

A: The reason people say that is that cordless phones tend to emit a more powerful near-field radiation plume. This is the radiation right next to the phone itself. They also emit radiation from the phone’s base which plugs into the wall – and this radiation fills your entire house so that you can use the phone everywhere. Fortunately, the power output from these appliances is very steady.

This contrasts with the power output from a mobile phone which is constantly varying as it searches for the best signal from nearby mobile phone transmitters. This is much more advanced technology. This constant varying in the power output of the signal makes it harder for our biological systems to compensate for the signal making it a more problematic signal. So while mobile phone radiation may have a near field radiation plume which has less power it doesn’t mean that it’s less dangerous!

I realize that I didn’t really answer the question – but this is one of many questions about wireless technology in which all the answers have not been determined. Watch for Joshua Parker’s new eBook on this topic where he covers this in great detail.

Q: What about the frequency differences in comparing mobile phones and cordless (DECT) phones?

A: Cordless phones are creating similar radiation as mobile phones – these are digital waves which are pulsed with 100 HZ mobile phones are pulsed with 217 HZ. This difference in pulse power and the difference in power level that I’ve already described above. The Green 8 Evolution Gold will effectively neutralize radiation from both of these technologies.

Pulsed means that the signals will be switched on and off 100 times or 217 times per second.

DECT cordless phones are transmitting 24 hours with 1880 up to 1900 MHz with about 250 mW whether the phone is being used or not! Just if the base is plugged in this radiation field is filling your home.

The biological effect is that any biological system, such as your human body, becomes stressed. This means the energy is not balanced in your body. The human body is always trying to balance the energy to eliminate any electro-magnetic stress. The result is that the immune system will be reduced and your body’s defense system will not be as effective.

In dark field microscopy you can see the effect of radiation on the blood cells. When using Green 8 Evolution GOLD blood cells are not connected (this is called “agglutination”) (see the Green 8 Evolutionhomepage for these images) which is optimum for healthy blood.

Q: Since I have the Transformer 22-100 in my home office, do you still recommend getting the Green 8 Evolution Gold for my landline cordless phone, which is in the same room?

A: Yes, while the Transformer 22-100 and Transformer 22-30 will protect you from the WiFi radiation from a wireless LAN – if you use a cordless phone it is still important to install a Green 8 Evolution Gold inside the handset and another Green 8 Evolution Gold on the base station for the cordless phone.


Each Green 8 Evolution Gold is $39.95 USD

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