Electro-Pollution Is Everywhere.
You Can’t Block It – It’s Simply Impossible.
But You Can Do Something…

Introducing a way for you to “Transform” your environment like the Green 8 transforms the energy from your phone.

Advances in energetic material science in Germany are paving some very new paths for science… And this treads on some outdated theories in Physics which are overdue for review.

What you are about to learn about is how a physical object can be installed in a location permanently altering the manner in which wireless microwave energy moves through it.

Before I get into the specifics I first want to break down the different types of wireless technology you might be using into a few groups so you can see what will help you for your particular situation…

We’ve Got Wireless Internet, Cell Tower Near Your House, Satellite GPS Systems, Computers And Other Household Appliances, Cell Phones and Cordless Phones.


What Are You Going To Do With All This Wireless Chaos?


Let’s start with Wireless Internet..

When you install a wireless router in your home or office you are placing a ‘Microwave Transciever’ in your home!

What this means to you is that the unit is sending and recieving microwave signals so you can get on the internet virtually anywhere in your home. These microwaves are taking a toll on your energy levels whether you notice it or not.

You may be like me and find that you are very sensitive to these signals so much that you don’t like to be around them – or you may not notice them at all. We are all so different.

Now you can install a device near your router that will neutralize the microwave energy so you can keep all your vitality where need it!

Listen to what Eric Gault had to say
about his experience using the Transformer Products:

(press the ‘play’ button to hear what Eric had to say)

“I’ve been using the Bauer Biotec T-28 for approximately a year…

“I have the T-28 setup next to the server room where there is a fair amount of wireless technology at my school. I have certainly noticed an evening out of the discordinant energy and a greater ability to work and have greater energy levels through the day as well as more ease of cognitive ability…”

“I would easily say that without the T-28 my work here would be far more difficult. So I would certainly recommend it for use with wireless technology and for just in general for electro-magnetic radiation.”


Eric Gault

School Teacher from Reno, NV


Back when Eric ordered the PST-28 (he calls it the T-28) he had been telling me about how his office was right next to the server room which had all sorts of wireless routers. He was having a lot of trouble trying to work in such close proximity to this.

You can hear how the PST-28 product has helped him – the strange thing is that back then (about a year ago) there was no specific product for wireless routers and wireless internet technology. These products work so well that the product that was designed to be installed in homes near cell towers worked well for him…

Now You Can Get A Wireless Energy Neutralizer Specifically Made For The Type Of Wireless Energy That You Have In Your Living Environment.

You may be asking: Why is this necessary?

And it’s true – Eric and others have found the PST-28 to be helpful for all sorts of different wireless microwave pollution. And this is the product that we generally would recommend.

The fact is that each different kind of wireless technology – whether it’s transmitting voice information (such as cell phones) or if it is transmitting data (such as wireless internet) has a different energy signature.

You might be familiar with the ‘Water Crystal’ images done by Professor Emoto in Japan – I’m quite sure if he wanted to he could show a different water crystal for water that was resonated by different types of wireless technology.

Each ‘signature’ of wireless technology requires a different balancing energy to neutralize the effects it has on us more precisely.

Eventhough Eric found the PST-28 to be effective on the wireless internet boxes in his office – he may notice the new PST-22 to be even more effective since it was specifically designed for wireless internet products.

Now you know why there are a number of different PST products. Each has a different number. Here’s a list of them and examples of what they are used for:

Wifi-Transformer 22-30



green 8 cell phone

Wireless Internet Transformer:

You Can Use These on Wireless Internet LAN/Routers To Clean Up Your Home/Work of Disruptive Microwave Radiation…

Shown here are is the Wifi-Transformer 22-30 for which is suitable for most locations (the larger Wifi-Transformer 22-100 is ideal if you can see more than 10 strong Wifi connections on a wireless device.)

Green 8 Car Harmonizer

Green 8 Car Harmonizer:


Use With Any Technology That You Are Using Which Interacts With A Satellite.

(these are commonly installed in cars and boats with GPS Navigation Systems – any GPS system is a satellite transciever!)

So if you have a modern car or use the GPS on your phone to navigate this is a perfect product for protection.



green 8 cell phone

Cell Tower Transformer:

Install A PST-28 In Your House If You Are Anywhere Close To A Cell Tower/Transmitter Or Simply If You Live In A Large City!

If you are in a large city there’s likely to be a cellular transmitter somewhere close by – and if you measured your home for Microwave/Radio Frequency you’d be able to guess just how close one is…

(these need to be installed with a compass so they are aligned with Magnetic North. Once it is aligned and installed it should be taped in place and you won’t have to touch it again.)

Green8 Large

green 8 cell phone

Large Green 8:

All electrical devices emit sharp pulsating EM fields as 60 (or 50) Hertz frequencies collide creating interference patterns – these include high frequency noise. The larger the device the larger the Green 8 that is required to dampen the sharp EM Fields.

For Computers, Refrigerators, Microwave Ovens (are best to get rid of! but if you can’t use a Large Green 8) and other medium to large electrical appliances.

Green 8 Medium

Medium Green 8:

These are great for installing on smaller appliances such as laptop computers, stereo amplifiers, CD/DVD Players and all sorts of portable electronic devices (yes – even your Ipod!)

I have found that my portable tape deck that I use for live recording doesn’t heat up nearly as much (or stress my arm that is holding it) when I have a Medium Green 8 on it near the battery.

(these should be installed as close to the battery or ‘hot spot’ on the appliance as possible. A ‘hot spot’ is any place on the outside of the unit where you can feel heat when you place your hand there.)

Green 8 Evolution

Green 8 Evolution:


You are probably the most familiar with this size Green 8 as they were the original and are sized perfectly for your cell phone. They’ve now been updated to the “Green 8 Gold” to address the new, and more problematic 3G and 4G wireless technology. This new “update” lasts 18-24 months after which point they will only protect like the older version of the Green8.

The Small Green 8’s are great for all sorts of uses however. Commonly used on cell phones in the battery compartment and on cordless phones on both the battery and placed on the base station – they are also perfect for placing on AC adapters which tend to be ‘HOT’ (sometimes called ‘wall warts’).

(you can follow the same installation procedure as with the Medium sized Green 8s – they should be installed as close to the battery or ‘hot spot’ on the appliance as possible. A ‘hot spot’ is any place on the outside of the unit where you can feel heat when you place your hand there.)




green 8 cell phone

GREEN 8 GOLD – medium


Size: 85 x 50 mm – 3.35 x 1.97 inch
These are great for medium sized wireless devices such as tablets and laptops.



green 8 cell phone

GREEN 8 GOLD – large

Office Harmonizer

Computer, TV, Monitor
.Workingplace office, bed
Size: .190 x 105 mm – 7.48 x 4.14 inch
.Geopathic stress
.Ground radiation, water vines

Transformer T28-4G-H


green 8 cell phone


Cell phone Towers, any transmitter
for houses, offices, buildings, stalls
Power lines, Pylons
PVC-Plate 350 x 350 x 10 mm
High voltage, Geopathic radiation

With integrated compass
1 x T-28-4G creates protected area
in a radius of up to 66 meters

Transformer T28-4G-W


green 8 cell phone


Cell phone Towers, any transmitter
for apartements, houses, offices, stalls
Power lines, Pylons
with integrated compass
High voltage, Geopathic radiation
PVC-Plate 350 x 350 x 10 mm
1 x T-28-4G creates protected area
in a radius of up to 33 meters

Wifi Transformer 22-30


green 8 cell phone


Harmonizer for WIFI networks

Cell phone Towers, any transmitter
for offices or home workstations
up to 10 m Radius
PVC-Plate 210 mm x 210 mm
To be reached by up to 10 WIFI routers
from neighbors

Wifi Transformer 22-100


green 8 cell phone


Harmonizer for WIFI networks

for house or open plan officesup to 20 m Radius
PVC-Plate 330 mm x 330 mm
To be reached by more than 10 WIFI routers
from neighbours

Green 8 Car Harmonizer


green 8 cell phone

Green 8 CAR HARMONIZER  (formerly T – 23)

for Satellite GPS-Navigator, Bluetooth, Smartphone
Freehandspeaking, WIFI in cars, Hotelroom
PVC-CHIP – 88 mm
GPS-Smartphone- Cell Phone
Bluetooth cordless connection
Cars, ship, plane, truck
Ship, handheld, GSM
Radius up to 3 meters = 6 meter around

What do the Transformers and the Green 8’s do?

The Transformers set up a coherent form for the background radiation to propogate through.

Without a Transformer installed Microwave Radiation Waves travel in a chaotic manner. There is nothing in our natural environment that shapes these subtle fields – so they travel relentlessly and therefore bring living cells into that state of energetic chaos.

Once a Transformer is installed the microwaves are then moving through a more rhythmic pattern – a shaped flow of energy. The chaos is removed from the system. The energetic interactions are with live cells is at least less disruptive – and at best no longer disruptive.

And so what does the Green 8 do?

The Green 8 changes the radiation from your cell phone by creating a form (holoform) for the radiation to propagate through. Normally radiation is very chaotic and noisy and full of distortion. This noise interferes with your electrical system (all animals are electro-chemical) so you get fatigued.

The Green 8 is simply placed inside your cell or cordless phone’s battery compartment and the radiation is neutralized. The Green 8 and PST products organize the radiation into a coherent signal with less noise so that the body can cope with easily. This is why we feel less fatigued when we use these products. The testing shows that our body function is maintained at a normal, health state.

This graph on the right shows one such test that was performed graphin Helsinki, Finland in 2001. The graph shows energetic balance or healthy body function when the reading comes between 45 and 55. The first reading of 51 is a baseline reading which shows balanced body function with no radiation nearby. The second reading of 60, which shows abnormal body function, was taken when the cell phone was on but not calling (in the individual’s lap). The next reading of 63 shows another stressed or abnormal body function. This reading was taken while the phone was transmitting a call showing us that the body function state while a cell phone is “ready to receive” but not calling is almost as elecro-magnetically stressful as a phone which is actually making a call! The 4th and 5th readings show that when the Green 8 is installed the body function is back in balance both while in “ready to receive” and “make a call” mode respectively. These tests were performed by a doctor who was using the “Best System” designed by the Biomeridian company ( (feel free to ask us more for more information regarding these tests). The “Best System” was the predecessor to the latest Biomeridian instrument which is one of the leading meridian testing units.

This invention has worked with all the cell phones that we have run accross so there are no known compatibility issues. We recommend placing the Green 8 foil underneath the battery or inside the battery compartment.


The timing is crucial! There is a reason

you are looking at this page right now…

Have you noticed yet that there is not much to think about here? You are priveledged to be reading this right now and be in a position to take action at protecting yourself. I want to make sure you are clear what you get… You only need to get this product once and you can move it from your home or office to a new location if you move. They never wear out.

Install a Transformer in your Home or Office and it will start working right away. It takes about 24 hours once installed to completely transform the flow of energy in the area.

What it does is creates an organized pathway for the radiation to flow through. Normally the radiation just flows randomly creating a noisy radiation field. By creating this clean pathway, the Transformer significantly decreases the noise level in the field. The effect is that your body will “feel” or absorb the radiation differently. You’ll sleep better at night and you will feel better.

The one thing that you must be aware of is that the Transformer 28 (our most powerful Transformer) must be installed with a compass aligned to magnetic north. This is vital to its performance. Ask for assistance if you’ve never used a compass and we can help you get it set up or refer you to someone who can.

Here’s what they look like again:



green 8 cell phone

Wireless Internet Transformer:


green 8 cell phone

Satellite Transformer:


green 8 cell phone

Cell Tower Transformer:

Green8 Large

green 8 cell phone

Large – Medium – Small Green 8’s

Large Green 8:

Take Me To The Product Page

Seriously – I don’t want your money if you don’t love your new Transformers and Green 8s. That’s why I have a solid 100% moneyback guarantee

My Love It or Leave It Sincere

No Risk Money Back Guarantee:

I promise that you’ll love your Green 8 products and give you a full 90 days to try out all of the products on for yourself without any risk. If for any reason you are not satisfied send the products back for a full refund (shipping not included). No Questions Asked!

While some products out there will actually feel like they are working when you first try them but will diminish in effectiveness over time. Green 8 products carry a 2 year warranty.

I know it’s a great product because without it I feel pressure on my head when I use a cell phone – this has eliminated that problem for me and it may do the same for you.

Each Green 8 is a one time investment of $37.00

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